2019-2020 Grant Recipients

These projects have been selected by our independent Grant Review Panel as those that will have the greatest impact in serving uninsured or under-insured women in our service area. Please note that Susan G. Komen® is not a direct service provider. Through fundraisers and generous donors, we were able to grant out over $259,000 for the 2019-2020 grant cycle. 

Coastal Health District – “Breast Health is the Best Health” $32,040

Coastal Health District’s Breast and Cervical Cancer Program (BCCP) has a 20+ year history of providing breast cancer screening and diagnostic services. Funding has decreased in recent years creating a backlog of clients in need of services. No funding exists for men with abnormal clinical findings and limited funds exist for women under 40 and/or women with incomes between 200-250% of federal poverty guidelines. Coastal Health District will supplement current BCCP funds by creating a diagnostic fund for BCCP excluded-patients. The counties included in this project are Chatham, Bryan, and Effingham, Liberty, Long, McIntosh, Camden, and Glynn. The project will provide diagnostic breast imaging services including 60 diagnostic mammograms, 60 ultrasounds, and 5 biopsies at contracted providers. The project will bring additional breast cancer diagnostic capability for women in the community and will create a funding source for men with abnormal clinical findings.

Diversity Health Center – “Healthy Outreach Prevention Education (HOPE)$50,000

The HOPE project will target the uninsured and underinsured residents of Liberty and Long County with a focus on African-American Women. The project will provide breast health education with an emphasis of knowing what is normal for the individual, 255 screening mammograms, 20 diagnostic breast imaging services, and 250 client navigator services which will include translation services, follow-up care, education, transportation and linkage to available county resources. Educational outreach will be held throughout the communities in collocations with churches, community and cultural group events that Diversity currently partners with throughout the year. These events will be utilized as a source of connecting with the targeted population. Mobile mammogram services will be provided in rural areas in Long County in order to promote access to breast health care. Diversity will work in partnership with Liberty Regional Hospital in order to provide free breast imaging for those who qualify in Liberty County.


Southeast Georgia Health System – “Mammograms in Motion”$49,990

Mammograms in Motion is a Health System led, community collaborative aimed at reducing the barriers related to cost, access & knowledge of breast health services for uninsured, under-insured & medically underserved residents of Glynn, Camden & McIntosh counties. This is achieved thru collaboration with clinicians, nonprofits, & other community partners to provide eligible patients with free breast health education and outreach, screening, diagnostics, biopsy breast care & navigation services through the continuum of care. Mammograms in Motion addresses access barriers by utilizing multiple locations and the SGHS Wellness on Wheels unit to serve neighborhood and rural areas of the target counties.  Free services reduce barriers related to cost, and the use of a nurse navigator and cancer care social worker provide seamless transitions in patient care. Grant dollars are used only for direct patient care to provide 202 screenings, 86 diagnostics & 12 biopsies to eligible patients residing in Glynn, Camden & McIntosh counties.


St. Joseph’s/Candler Health System – “Pathway to Hope” $43,320

The Pathway to Hope program is designed to impact breast cancer outcomes in multiple socioeconomic disparity populations, including African American, Hispanic, non-Hispanic, white and Asian populations. The African-American community especially reports higher breast cancer mortality rates in federal, state and organizational studies. Pathway to Hope’s key activities includes breast health education and a designated Health Equity Navigator for SJ/C’s two medical homes that provide free care to clients with incomes at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. The Navigator will provide guidance from breast health screenings, follow up, treatment navigation and evaluation methods that will include routine program monitoring, process evaluation, and outcome evaluation to assess the impact of the program on medical home case management and diagnostic navigation services. Patient evaluation of services will also establish program modifications and set future goals for greater outcomes.

Curtis V. Cooper Primary Health Care – Curtis V. Cooper Mammography Program – $50,000

Curtis V. Cooper Primary Health Care, Inc. will provide 450 screening mammograms, and 50 diagnostic studies for CVCPHC’s approximately 4,000 active, medically under-served and uninsured women that require this critical service. This will contribute to CVCPHC’s ability to provide early detection services, and positive patient outcomes, thus reducing morbidity and mortality.  CVC has a mammography unit which is fully operational, American College of Radiology certified, with highly qualified Radiology staffing arrangements.  All current and future patients will be tracked internally and by our collaborating radiologist group, and reminders sent annually. In collaboration with SouthCoast Imaging, the project will also provide 50 diagnostic breast studies including diagnostic mammograms and ultrasounds. All studies will be tracked to completion and the required metrics will be monitored and reported semi-annually.

Hearts and Hands Clinic – Hearts and Hands for Mammograms – $34,366

The Hearts and Hands Clinic developed the Hearts & Hands for Mammograms program to decrease the ethnic and socioeconomic disparities that exist in the stages of breast cancer diagnosis between low-income, uninsured and often minority women and those falling outside of that description. Research proves that an unsettling gap exists, and African-American women are diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer more often than most other ethnic groups. As an organization committed to improving health outcomes for uninsured and low-income individuals in Bulloch County, Hearts & Hands recognizes that mammograms and diagnostic services must be available to this population.  Hearts & Hands for Mammograms will provide screening mammograms and diagnostic services to 125 people, 50% of whom will be African American. All participants will be medically underserved. The clinic will also provide patient navigation through the complete diagnosis process and continuum of care.