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Worship in Pink Ambassador Training dates are to be determined.

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Worship in Pink Week is a great opportunity for Coastal Georgia’s churches, mosques, and synagogues to spread the life-saving message of early detection and honor their communities’ survivors.  This multicultural celebration will help bring breast cancer education/awareness to the men and women of Coastal Georgia.  Register your faith-based organization and download the materials below which will enable you to host your own Worship in Pink Event.

Worship in Pink Ambassador Training is dates are not available yet.

Official Worship in Pink week is in October, however, please feel free to choose the worship date that works best for your congregation.

For a sample bulletin insert and programming ideas, please click here.

Click here for access to the Worship in Pink Toolkit.

Worship in Pink Materials:

Komen Coastal Georgia provides the following free downloadable materials to enhance your Worship in Pink Program.  Please feel free to download them and make copies as you see fit.

Worship In Pink Fact Sheet

Breast Cancer Detection

•  Breast Cancer in Men

•  Breast Cancer Resources

•  Getting the Support You Need

•  Healthy Living

  LGBT People and Breast Cancer

•  Racial & Ethnic Differences

•  Talking With You Children About Breast Cancer

•  Talking To Your Partner About Breast Cancer

•  What is Breast Cancer

•  Young Women and Breast Cancer

•  Worship in Pink Logo


For more information or for questions, contact Julie Schwartz at 912-232-2535 or

email julie@komencoastalgeorgia.org