Worship in Pink

Worship in Pink 2016: October 16-22

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Worship in Pink Week is a great opportunity for Coastal Georgia’s churches, mosques, and synagogues to spread the life-saving message of early detection and honor their communities’ survivors.  This multicultural celebration will help bring breast cancer education/awareness to the men and women of Coastal Georgia.  Register your faith-based organization and download the materials below which will enable you to host your own Worship in Pink Event.

Official Worship in Pink week is October 16-22, however, please feel free to choose the worship date that works best for your congregation.

For a sample bulletin insert and programming ideas, please click here.

Worship in Pink Materials:

Komen Coastal Georgia provides the following free downloadable materials to enhance your Worship in Pink Program.  Please feel free to download them and make copies as you see fit.

•  Worship in Pink Fact Sheet

•  Breast Cancer Detection

•  Breast Cancer in Men

•  Breast Cancer Resources

•  Getting the Support You Need

•  Healthy Living

  LGBT People and Breast Cancer

•  Racial & Ethnic Differences

•  Talking With You Children About Breast Cancer

•  Talking To Your Partner About Breast Cancer

•  What is Breast Cancer

•  Young Women and Breast Cancer

•  Worship in Pink Logo


For more information or for questions, contact Julie Schwartz at 912-232-2535 or

email julie@komencoastalgeorgia.org