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2016 February Survivor of the Month
In times of trial, from the insignificant to the seemingly insurmountable, it is normal to search for an escape; a moment of calm amidst the fury of a storm. In a way, these instances help to teach us about who we are and what we value. How we arrive at these moments of respite varies by person and circumstance, but they can be discovered in many forms, through the use of a variety of senses. Some find a moment of peace on a massage table or in a workout room, while others discover it in their faith. For others still, that serenity is found by enveloping themselves in the smells of citrus and jasmine or listening to a sonata of footfalls slapping the pavement on a morning jog. Throughout her life, Tasha Gardner has learned to gather strength from all of these things, but it was a diagnosis of breast cancer in the winter of 2011 that would teach her how important those lessons would be..

January 2016 Survivor of the Month
Far from the bustle of Broughton Street and the regular racket of the river, there is a quiet little town called Ellabell, that Donna McKissick calls her home. It is a half-acre haven, eighty miles from where she works, which offers her refuge from the daily grind. With screeching tires and sirens replaced by the sounds of cicadas, and far-removed from the ever-present glow of city lights, Donna loves to relax watching the moon and the stars shine like brilliant paint spatters on a charcoal canvas. This quiet country home is a place where she can read and do crafts, dream of her next trip to see her grandchildren, and of course, care for her “babies,” the dozen vibrant orchids that she cherishes..

2015 December Survivor of the Month
Surrounded by loved ones and the warmth of a bonfire, with the sounds of bluegrass echoing off the nearby trees, Paula Clifton feels at home. She has always loved to go camping with family and friends as an escape from the busy routine of teaching and all that comes with being an active mother of two. But at some point each trip, the dancing flames always settle to embers and the fiddle strings eventually fall still. All things come to an end. Two years ago, Paula would begin a journey that would teach her that this lesson applies not just to the moments of respite in life, but also to the times of great trial. Nothing lasts forever… not even a fight with breast cancer..

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2016 Savannah Race For the Cure Registration is Now Open!

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Confusion about Mammography

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